Welcoming Victoria Lucy // Newborn & Family Portraits

I cannot believe it has taken me this long to get this blog post up of the Adam’s family and their newest addition, Victoria Lucy.

Sweet baby girl was born in mid-February and I met the family about 9 days after she came home. I loved seeing this family again after spending some time with them back in October for their family/maternity session. Victoria’s big sister, Scarlette and big brother, Chase, met me at the front door excited for their portrait time with their baby sister. Since Amanda was getting her sweet angel ready, I handed Scarlette a hot cup of tea I brought for her mom to help her jumpstart her day.

Victoria was an absolute gem to be around – a true angel. She was the most relaxed during her photo session and never made a sound. She was still so squishy that she was comfortable stretching out with her big brother during their portraits or curling up with Dad and Mom and even staying curled up when I placed the angel wings on her back, which her mom, Amanda was pleased she was cooperative with.

When I spent my time with the family, you can sense so much peace. Yes, the kiddos loved to jump around and dance when they weren’t in front of the camera, but they were so well behaved. Since I was wrapping up around lunchtime, Charley, their dad, took them out to a fun lunch so I could grab a few shots of Amanda with Victoria.

I hope you enjoy some of my favorite shots of Charley, Amanda, Scarlette, Chase and sweet Angel, Victoria.

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