The Deming Family // New Freedom PA Family Portraits

Very few opportunities arise when I get to capture families under my own family umbrella, but I know I can always count on my cousin, Nicole and her husband, Brian, to call me when they want updated portraits. The last time you may have seen this family was when I captured the twins at 9 days old (You can view their own special blog HERE) Well now the twins are 6 months old and have very different personalities. Brody is cool, calm and collected. Rylan is Miss Diva. She wants what she wants and gives you the stink eye until you give it to her. And it’s funny how they both have personality traits that remind me and their mom about our grandmother who passed away 2 years ago. They are the perfect reminder of her. And Chase, the adorable freckle-faced cutie? He’s my godson and is so amazing with the twins. He does what he can to make them laugh and he was coming up with creative ideas for photos when they were changing into their Cowboys gear.

Brian and Nicole’s home backs up coincidentally to my old Private Middle School. So it was close enough to where we could cut across their back yard and be right there. The sun was starting to come up as we got on the property so the lighting was glowy and amazing. The trees were starting to change and provided a simple setting for the Deming crew.

This family has been through a rough 8 years – Brian has had some health problems that has proceeded to get worse and right now is on dialysis for kidney failure and at a young age. There have been numerous times where God could have taken Brian home to be with Him, but through the endless fighting for his life, God hasn’t done that, and the family is grateful and praying for a healthy kidney and healing. But there is hope and we have Faith in a mighty God that is going to bring healing over Brian and his family.

And it’s my prayer that these photos bring some healing to the family as they struggle through the days and months ahead.

I hope you enjoy some of the photos I’ve been blessed to take of my cousin and her family.

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