The Ely Tribe // Huge Westminster, MD Family Session

Ceal is the mom of 4 sons. Those 4 sons have wives and children. This group is Ceal’s heart and soul – the ones that put a fire in her heart to love them and love and serve them well.

I have been privileged to know and love on this family for 8 years. Photographing the WHOLE clan for 7 years. Ceal’s son Tim (second in Command) and his wife Emily, hired me to photograph their daughter, Hollis, when she was 14 months old. She is now 9 and as soon as I arrived to Tim and Emily’s home, Hollis took me by the hand and showed me where she thought we should have the session. This girl has an eye for location and the best part was it had the best natural light. The first family in the photos is the youngest in the group, Josh and Sherry and their kiddos, Lennox and Honor. The last time I photographed them was when Honor was a newborn – that was 4 years ago.

Photographing this family is a joy. There is so much laughter and joy and I have the best time with them. Not only are they clients but they are amazing friends and I am blessed that they ask me to capture their family as it grows and flourishes.

So here it is folks, some of my favorite shots of the Ely Tribe!


Josh, Sherry, Lennox and Honor

Mike, Amanda, Hayden and Landon

Tim, Emily and Hollis

Scott, Jennifer, Luke, Rachel (and her babies Jensen and Oliver), Sid, Auryen and Aislyn

Scott and Jennifer // Josh and Sherry

All the Grandchildren (and Great-grandbabies)

The WHOLE Tribe

Ceal with all the boys // Ceal with all the Girls

We Got Ya Mom

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