The Harris Family // Fall Family and Maternity Portraits

I loved spending time with Mike and Amy and their little girls, Scarlett and Olivia in the fall leaves. They are anticipating the arrival of a little boy in January to add to their tight knit crew. Amy absolutely glows being surrounded by her family (And that dress! Absolutely gorgeous!) and cannot wait for the day that she gets to hold her little man in her arms. Mike is just as excited as Amy, but it’s clear in talking to Mike, that he wants a little boy he can roughhouse with and teach his little guy how to grow up to be an amazing man who loves fiercely, respectfully and without hesitation.

The youngest, Scarlett, is eager to have a little brother, however, her older sister is uncertain. According to her mom, Olivia’s opinion about having a brother varies day to day. When I asked Olivia if she was excited to have a brother she immediately got this look of concern on her face. I know that in the end, once the little man arrives, those girls are going to be fighting over who is going to take care of him. During our time together, the girls were goofy and tried to make their parents laugh like their parents did to them when I was taking individual portraits of the girls. I always one for honesty, so in the case of being honest, I wanted to take both of the girls home with me. They were just too darn cute.

I hope you enjoy some of my favorites with Mike and Amy and the girls. Amy, may the remaining time of this pregnancy be smooth and go by quickly. January will be here before we know it.

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Hearing giggling when you tell parents to kiss always makes me turn around and capture the laughter coming from the source.


Amy, you are absolutely stunning!!!!


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