Joe and Tricia // LifePoint Church Couples Session

If I had to put it simply it’s this: If you don’t know Joe and Tricia Duke, you should. This couple has been the heart and soul of the Carroll County Community by moving them and their two sons from another state 28 years ago and started a church right here in Maryland and they have been pouring their blood, sweat and tears into the area ever since. They love others as Christ loves the church. They serve, pray and encourage others to take that leap of faith that only God can provide to move mountains in His name. They simply build others up by being in their presence, whether as a couple or simply in a one-on-one situation (coffee dates with Tricia please!!!!).

Joe is a published nature and landscape photographer in National Geographic magazine as well being the lead pastor over the largest church in the county and Tricia serves as a Orthopedic Nurse Practitioner at a local hospital nurturing others back to health and restoring their quality of life. They both have hearts of gold in servanthood and looking after others well-being.

And you should see how they love one another. It’s something to behold.

I was honored to photograph them over the weekend – capturing their love in a whole new season. Our church sits on 70 acres of property complete with hiking trails so we found it fitting to do the session behind the church so we took advantage of the property. I was told that they haven’t had portraits taken like this since they had engagement portraits taken 38 years ago. Talk about the need for updated portraits! Since Joe is a photographer himself, he’s not used to being on the other side of the camera, but by the looks of it, you would never be able to tell. Both Tricia and Joe were naturals in front of my camera. They laughed the whole time and snuggled like it was going out of style. They naturally looked at each other adoringly like they were just married yesterday without me having to give direction. It’s a beautiful sight to see when a couple who is more in love now then when they were married 37 years ago.

Love them and love the way they love one another and the community.

God bless you both, Joe and Tricia in this season of life and love. Let that desire that God has blessed you both with, to serve and love one another, never fade away.

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And an updated headshot of my amazing pastor 🙂


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