A Life Story Update {Personal}

Wow, this has been a whirlwind last few months. After the blog post about the breakup with Andrew, my life was basically motionless. You have to allow yourself a decent amount of time to mourn the loss of the love of your life, but how much is an appropriate amount of time? 2 months, 6 months, 1 year? Almost right after the breakup at least within a week or two I looked into getting a dog through a local shelter. It was in my heart that I needed a companion. And to be completely honest, I needed to love something and what better way to show love and also receive love, is to have a dog. I could have rescued a dog from a shelter, but they have to contact the apartment complex to figure out details and logistics. In fact, I tried to rescue a dog, but the dog I wanted exceeded the weight limit at my apartment complex once it was full-grown. So that didn’t work out. But another plan popped up into my head. Contact the breeder where your family had gotten 2 amazing labs. I contacted a breeder outside of Winchester, VA to see if she had any puppies coming up in the near future, and coincidentally she did and they were due prior to Christmas. Bring in Bella Joy. I received weekly updates about my girl from the breeder and how I should prepare for her arrival into my home. At 5 weeks old, I was able to visit to make sure we were a good match and it turns out we were. She was shy and timid. Granted, it was her first time stepping out into the big, wide world. She was roughly 3 pounds and cold on the dreary day my Dad and I drove down to see her. She loved to be wrapped up in my jacket to keep warm. I was able to bring her home at 7 weeks old. That day she met family and got to see what her new life would be like. The day after I brought her home, we had a photo session with the wonderful Lauren Sparks of Lauren Noel Photography. I knew that the new puppy stage wasn’t going to last long so I wanted to have something to remember this time of me and #MyBellaJoy and what better person to capture that then Lauren. Bella and I, learning things about one another. And now a month later, her demeanor has completely changed. She is more curious and loves to do anything and everything that will get her into trouble. However, she does have her sweet side and when she’s sweet, she’s really sweet. Here are some of the things Bella loves:

John Legend’s Pandora station (The first time I had it on in the car, it calmed her down really quickly)
Going to work with me
Sticking her nose in the dirt (Seriously, this dog practically has her nose glued to the ground)
Cuddling in bed with me before going in her kennel for the night
Being carried (however, my back isn’t enjoying it as much)
Chewing on me (trust me, I am still fighting her on this)
She likes hot sauce (which was supposed to keep her from biting)

So, now you have met Bella. Now, I never anticipated for the next thing to happen as quick as it did, but I bought a condo in the Towson area. I had been looking online mainly for condo rentals, but nothing really struck me. It wasn’t until I came across a top floor condo in my old neighborhood that I lived in for 11 years and was at the perfect price. It’s in a gated community and the condo is absolutely pristine and has been updated several times since 2007. You can’t beat that! There really isn’t a whole lot that needs to be done to it. However, I would like to paint over the pale yellow paint and brighten the place up. #Ihateyellow So, for the last week, my mom and I have been packing up my apartment that has been my home for the last 4 years and get ready to live in my.own.home. Something that is my own. So it’s really exciting. I have worked with an amazing team – my realtor is the same realtor that sold my parents townhome 2 years ago and my family and I used to go to the same church as he and his family many years ago. And my mortgage officer/lender, was my CollegeLife Bible Study leader (basically it was a group of college kids that met for a mini-church service during the week). So it’s really funny how things have come full circle. It was perfect timing too because settlement on the condo is the end of March and my lease is up on April 30th. So I will stay and finish out my lease until I am ready to get the main furniture and bedroom out of the apartment and move right into the condo.

There is no doubt that the past few months have been made up of questions: questioning whether or not I am doing the right thing in buying this condo or having Bella. It’s been stressful and I’ve cried. Like ALOT. But you know what? God placed Bella and this condo in my life for a reason. What that reasoning is, He will reveal to me and I will be content until then. I look forward to decorating my new condo and making it my own. I look forward to making memories and hosting friends and family gatherings there. Who knows, maybe I’ll even try to cook more in the gorgeous kitchen. I look forward to growing my business and working in a beautiful sanctuary that is the second bedroom (and Bella’s bedroom).

I do ask that you keep me in your prayers during this time of transition. Change isn’t easy for me, and I am the type of person that wants to make it comfortable right away and I know that won’t happen overnight.

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