Schweigman Family // Welcoming Joey

I had the privilege of photographing Katie and Bernie and their two little guys, Bernie Jr. and Joey. This was a sweet family session that was to announce Joey’s arrival into the Schweigman family since he was 10 days new at the time of the session. I love doing family sessions (including those surrounding a newborn) at home. The intimate feeling it sets just allows the family to relax and enjoy the process while still at home. Fun fact, Katie was my personal trainer 10 years ago at my old gym!

Bernie Jr. loves cars and trucks and when I arrived was watching a kids TV show that captured his attention. He played with Dad, loved on Mom, and still wasn’t sure what to make of his baby brother. Granted, toddlers never seem to know what to do when a new sibling enters their world.

Bernie and Katie have a love for old Ford Mustangs. In the model car that you see Joey in below was actually used when Bernie Jr. had his newborn photos taken several years ago and it was a great prop since moving it gently rocked Joey into a sound slumber.

Please enjoy a few of my favorite images from my time with the Schweigman family!

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